Sunday, September 13, 2009

korea & the harvest dinner

It's been a week in our Asian Cuisine class, and though I have been learning a lot, I cant shake this cloud over every one of my days. I hope it goes away because I haven't been enjoying school as much as I used to. Yesterday I had the opportunity to work at the Hudson Harvest Dinner, that showcases the harvest of the season with a 6 course dinner made with (mostly) all items from right here in the hudson valley. Everything we tasted was simply prepared but had so much flavor, it was delicious. Here are some pictures from our first day doing cuisines of korea, and some from the dinner, though I didnt have much time for pictures.

korean bulgogi marinating:

beef short ribs:

scallion salad

daikon radish salad, mu chae:

Kim chi:

jap chae, a vegetable and glass noodles dish, garnished with egg crepes and scallions:

completed beef short rib plate with rice:

beef bulgogi:

At the harvest dinner, these were some of the hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour:

Salad course:

And plating the entree:

Cheese plate:

With some berries and fruits for adding on:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

wokin asian cuisine

I have an excuse for going missing. My life has been so hectic and busy that my lack of sleep has led to some eye issues? I think not sleeping has dried them out so I can barely keep them open these days. Not to mention being up at 4:30/5 everyday to go to my american cuisines class, which is now over. Here are some more pictures from the class that I didn't get a chance to post before. Tuesday we start cuisines of asia class, which should be a lot of fun considering most of us haven't learned lots of the techniques we are about to encounter. Hopefully it will be a good distraction and way to get my mind off things.

6 weeks to go and still no externship, I just can't find a place I'm in love with, meh...

moqueca with seafood and coconut milk:

brazilian braised goat:

ceviche sampler:
fejoida, brazilian ribs and linguisa sausage:
brazillian mixed grill with chimichurri:
Pescado al Veracruzana
street platter with tamales, empanadas and sopes:
chicken mole with fresh tortillas:
quesadillas with rice and 2 sauces:
grinding corn on a matate:

during service:
jerk game hen:
curry goat:
guava glazed ribs: