Sunday, November 29, 2009

va bene

I have arrived! I got into Rome yesterday and given the fact that I had no sleep, made it to 8 or 9pm without dying. Today was my first full day in Rome, the last day before I start my externship. Ill be working at the Rome Sustainable Food Project, where we stress the importance of foods that not only take, but give back to the environment. Its a peaceful and healthy way to live and I suggest all of you start looking to eat more healthy, and to pick up the books "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer as well as anything related to sustainable agriculture, slow food movement, and Alice Waters.

So I'm still getting settled in here, our apartment is lovely with high ceilings and the most breathtaking view of Ancient Rome, it seems surreal. Today my roommates and I walked over to the Vatican and went to the sistine chapel, where not only the ceilings were beautiful, but the mosaic on the floors as well as sculptures lining the walls were astounding. Later on we went over to the Academy for a fellows birthday. The way the Academy works still confuses me some, but people who have won the Rome Prize come and stay at the Academy as fellows to complete fellowships in their specific field. Tonight at the reception I talked to a fellow writing her dissertation on Ancient Rome as well as a gentleman from Virginia staying here as a visiting scholar. The grounds and entire atmosphere is a very educated place and I love that I will be able to talk to such smart individuals on such a varied body of subjects.

It's only 8 o clock now but I think my body is yelling at me for some sleep, having woken up several times in the night and getting an early start today. Walking through Rome and up the hills and steps to our apartment have proven that I spend way too much in the kitchen and not enough in running shoes. There is a gorgeous park around the corner from our apartment which I'll take advantage of walking through until the weather gets too cold. The internet here is a bit daunting to use, but I will post photos just as soon as I can... if anyone still reads this. :-D

Monday, November 23, 2009

io vado a roma!

The life of a culinary student caught up to me the past few months which is why I haven't posted a blog in just as long. After cuisines of Asias I took quantity production lunch, where we served between 400-500 students within an hour (busy to say the least), then breakfast class which took place from 1am to 9am (wtf, to say the least.) After that was our final class before externship, Garde Manger, where we learned to set up buffets, do hors d'oeurves, and cold food productions such as making sausages, hams, and terrines.

In other news, over my period of nonexistence on blogger, I managed to land the externship I had been dying to get in Rome, Italy. So as of this friday, I'll be blogging to you from my new home in Rome until April where I am sure to learn a ton about Sustainable Agriculture!

Check back for updates, arrivederci tutti! (baci)