Monday, November 23, 2009

io vado a roma!

The life of a culinary student caught up to me the past few months which is why I haven't posted a blog in just as long. After cuisines of Asias I took quantity production lunch, where we served between 400-500 students within an hour (busy to say the least), then breakfast class which took place from 1am to 9am (wtf, to say the least.) After that was our final class before externship, Garde Manger, where we learned to set up buffets, do hors d'oeurves, and cold food productions such as making sausages, hams, and terrines.

In other news, over my period of nonexistence on blogger, I managed to land the externship I had been dying to get in Rome, Italy. So as of this friday, I'll be blogging to you from my new home in Rome until April where I am sure to learn a ton about Sustainable Agriculture!

Check back for updates, arrivederci tutti! (baci)

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