Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Everyday when I get home from fish class I am shattered. Even though it starts later than meat (8am instead of 6:45), I think the fact that it is from 8am-4pm with virtually no breaks (maybe one 5 minute one) that does me in. And the fact that when I went to review my notes, it was over 10 pages of information today. Today, in fabrication, we reviewed all three cutting methods for fish: straight cut for soft bones, up & over for hard bones, and flat cut for flat fish. I filleted lots of fish and took a few before and after pictures, even though they all end up looking the same:

Here are a few of the rainbow trout before I filet them:

It's important to keep the filets flesh to flesh or skin to skin:

And a few filets:

Here is Chef Clark with a few of his spongebob toys to which he simply states:
"Spongebob is cool."

I could teach you a whole lot about bass, snappers, and groupers, which were the topic of lecture, but I'm sure its a lot more interesting to me than it is to you, so I'll leave you with the interesting fact of the day:

Because Japan spends so much money on their fish market, the global fish market is dependent on their preferences at a time. If Japan wants a certain type of fish, it won't be available to us, for example, one of our most popular sushi fish here is yellowtail ahi tuna. Do you think Japan eats this type of tuna? Nope, they hate it and don't eat it, or else there wouldn't be enough for us. 

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