Thursday, May 14, 2009

wild salmon are giving farmed salmon lice

Today it was a rainy day here at the culinary, but I noticed they turned the fountains on, which was exciting.

We did start our first day of our one week course, fish id & fabrication.  It was bittersweet since our Chef had jury duty and wasn't there, but we had a guest Chef who everyone had warned us about. I really enjoyed him though, he might have been less harsh on us since we weren't his actual class. Either way, it was a fun day, we learned how to do the up and over cutting method to filet a fish. I didn't get much of a chance for photos, since the fish room is a lot more tense learning atmosphere than the meat room was, but I learned a lot just the same. Here are some pictures from the day:

Flat fish, these are halibut and flounder:

Here is the salmon/trout family of fish:

Here is a sturgeon (where caviar comes from). Interesting fact: it's the oldest species of fish, goes back hundreds of thousands of years. The white notches on it are where the armor plates were, and eventually they surround the entire fish for protection:

Here is our TA filleting a salmon

My little Acadian Red (barely bigger than your hand):

My first filets. They were kind of a failure but it was my only chance for pictures. As I did more fish, they turned out better:

We all hope Chef Clark will be back tomorrow, but we will learn to filet flat fish regardless. Hopefully I'll catch up on some sleep tonight..

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  1. Ahhh fish.... Have you found scales in your hair yet?
    Good luck and thanks for showing the meat photos.
    Chef S.