Thursday, May 7, 2009

a veal is not just a baby cow

Today we covered veal. Of course we first reviewed the 12 or 13 different cuts of beef we need to know from yesterday, but the main topic was to bone out a leg of veal and continue on to make veal cutlets. (If you want a yummy brand of veal, try Cartelli) Veal is known for its tender, lean meat and delicate flavor in stocks and cutlets. They are typically dairy cows (the males) which are raised specifically to be slaughtered as veal. They don't use the female veal because they grow into dairy cows who birth more veal and produce the milk for them. It was a pretty calm day otherwise, since veal is very similar to beef, it was a bit of a review session. I was excited when Chef complimented me on my sharp knives (it's a pride thing), as well as my ability to trim the meat and tie knots on a roast. Here is Chef Scheller deboning a leg of veal:

The more I learn everyday, the harder it is to decide what I want to do in the future. I take the studying and learning portion very seriously and feel as if I already have a lot of knowledge (and it's only been 6 weeks). I would like a profession that maximizes everything we learn here, and that may not necessarily be in a restaurant. I want to help other people appreciate food and the method of cooking as much as I do, that it's not just to nourish our bodies, it's a process that relaxes and helps gather people. I hope to change the way America eats.

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