Sunday, May 24, 2009

you're playing monopoly with a businesswoman...

What a long week. After being constantly on the run either studying or in class, I was excited to finally get a few days off. Friday was exciting because my parents and sister Pegah came up to spend the weekend here. It was my dad's birthday so we all just spent some low key time together, which was much needed. I felt bad that I was sick but it was nice seeing them all. We played some monopoly (so non-persian of us) and went out to Le Petit Bistro in Rhinebeck for my dad's birthday. Today I took them all to Eveready Diner, which has been featured on the Food Network. Now I'll try to unwind a bit and get organized for Skills I on tuesday. 

I wasn't the frontrunner... but soon enough, having all 4 railroads, 4 houses on boardwalk, and 2 on park place brought me to victory :-D
Some of the food from eveready:

Now onto D block, Skills Development I, which will be tons of work but lots of learning. Happy memorial day everyone!

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