Monday, July 13, 2009

persian parties

As I have been on vacation, nothing quite newsworthy has happened, though maybe since I am home, I just have less time to take pictures of it all. 

Last night, one of my aunts from Iran finally got a visa to come to the US. It was great news after years of trying (its impossible for anyone to visit from there) so we had a huge party to celebrate, and had tons of family and food. I had a great time playing with some adorable kids and watching my aunt reunite with family that she hadnt seen (in some case for over 20 years.)

Just a few light appetizers since we were having an early dinner (8 is early for us...)

A staple at any mehmooni (party) is lots of tea:

One of my aunts is superstitious, so we burned some esfand, the smoke is said to ward off bad spirits:

I guess it had been a long day, my cousins daughter Skyler got a bit tired:

Some of the dishes at dinner, whole salmon (as I was cutting it I was teaching one of my friends about the adipose fin that lets you identify it as salmon/trout family :)

Koobideh Chicken Kabob:

This is an Iranian rice that is sweet with orange peel, carrots, and currants which is eaten with chicken kabob:
White rice is a must, with some of it mixed with saffron on top:

Here is the whole table:

And onto dessert, I made a few fruit platters:

Persians love their fruit cake, so my sister picked this one up:

Some type of mocha cake:
I made this traditional Iranian ice cream with rosewater, saffron, and pistachios

Bon appetit

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  1. Followed you from Chef Schneller's blog on meat.

    Nice to see the pictures of CIA courses. I've taken several Saturday courses at CIA and greatly enjoyed them. Were I 40 years younger school there would be something I would be doing.