Thursday, July 2, 2009

skills 2 completeee

Another set of skills down. Today was the last day of Skills 2, so we had our knife skills practical, written exam, and costing exam, along with our regular lesson for the day. It was also the last day of the semester, so now we have 3 weeks of summer break, and it should prove to be an amazing one :-D

On the lesson plan today was beef tenderloin medallions with chasseur sauce, broccoli rabe, potatoes au gratin, and onion rings. It was pretty simple today, and my speed in plate up and coordination is getting better, which is important since starting in Skills 3, we actually sell plates of food to people. And our Skills 3 chef is known to be a hardass, for a lack of better word, so we need to be on our A game at all times.

Here is Chef's demo plate:

Here are my trays for knife skills and production today:

We sliced our potatoes on a mandolin, very sharp edges that cut my thumb nicely, but did give me some evenly sliced potatoes. Here they are simmering in heavy cream and milk for a few minutes before being layered with cheese to go into the oven.

Here it is all layered & topped with cheese, ready to go into the oven

Here is my broccoli rabe. We boil it for a few minutes in water, then, as shown here, shock it in ice to stop it from cooking and to keep the color. 

After that and when its time for plate up, I sauteed it with some olive oil, shallots, garlic, and red pepper flakes

Here is the sauce, made in the saute pan I sauteed the beef tenderloin in. It has shallots, garlic, then is deglazed with some white wine, mushrooms, and demi glace (one of the derivatives of the mother sauces made from brown veal stock)
Here is the making of our beer batter for the onion rings.. first you need beer
Mixed into flour with egg yolk and baking powder

Then we whisk the egg white that we separated to stiff peaks (that means when you flip the bowl over it doesnt spill out) and fold it into the batter to make it lighter.

Here is my completed (with a perfect score!) plate

I'll miss K4 (kitchen 4), and am excited to move upstairs to K9 in three weeks!

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