Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bran keeps you regular

We made all sorts of rice today. We did a pilaf style, boiled rice, risotto, jardiniere vegetables, poivrade sauce, and brown veal stock. It was a pretty busy day, but I'm glad that in my life as a persian, rice is ingrained into my soul. Since our production is more hectic and we have to present (at least) four dishes at the same time, I have had less time to snap pictures of the process, but I always have pictures of my final plates.

During our lecture that prepped us for tomorrow, we talked a bit about fiber and its role in our diet. I'm pretty sure yall know about how fiber is an important part of our intake to keep our digestive tract going and help wash out the particles that build up along our intesinal walls. This being said, have you always been trying to get rid of your belly fat with tons of sit ups and without success? Well thats because it was your large intensines and not fat. Next time, try some extra fiber in your diet, since not enough can lead to colon cancer, (number 3 cause of death in the US).

Here are my onions sweating for pilaf:

And when its done:

Here is my risotto:

And my jardiniere vegetables sauteed in some whole butter (here is where our knife cuts come in handy):

Here are Chef (left) and my plates (right) side by side:

I was pretty full after tasting my rice dishes, but stopped by the Asian kitchen and got some chicken:

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