Sunday, June 7, 2009

lazy sundays

Whenever the weekend rolls around, I'm so exhausted from jamming my brain with information during the week that I hardly can summon the urge to do anything productive. It was no different this weekend, though I did enjoy the pretty weather for a bit (thanks to zyrtec.)

Here is what I made for lunch/dinner tonight.

A whole wheat linguine with chicken/broccoli rabe/chinese cabbage, and some oven roasted yellow squash on the side. 

Surprisingly, I was in the mood for something sweet so I toasted up a whole wheat/cinnamon waffle and topped it with some ice cream and powdered sugar. It reminded me of a gastronomy class where Professor Chalmers told us that the reason why we crave sweet things is because more often than not, our first flavor profile was our mothers milk, which was sweet tasting. 


Its the last week of skills 1, which ends with a practical & written exam, so it should be quite a hectic week, though I'm going to head home for the weekend just to check everything out before skills 2 starts next week. And maybe I'll even cook my parents something... I got them used to the 3 course meals I cooked every night before I left for school, and they have been going through withdrawal since I left, poor guys...

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