Saturday, June 27, 2009

spinal rainbow

The day started off pretty good, I planned on heading out to the stars & stripes event at school, there's fireworks and a dance tonight for our version of fourth of July, but my body had other plans. After going strictly from class to bed the past week; my apartment had been somewhat of a mess. I woke up all set to clean up but about halfway through, the top of my spine/neck hurt from my injury, so I have been pretty confined to my bed for the day, researching places I can extern starting in November. (We need a list of 25 possible places since the economy everywhere is so down.) Isn't this rainbow swiss chard gorgeous? I love the orange ones where the color goes all the way up the leaf.

I never crave anything substantial or sweet for breakfast but today I had a craving for some french toast, so I made a banana & walnut stuffed french toast and had a nectarine on the side. It was huge so I couldn't eat the entire thing, but it was quite tasty, I added some cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg into the filling, so it brought out the sweetness of the dish.

I haven't really had much of an appetite lately, but since I have to take my neck medication with food, I whipped this up, some brown rice, chutney marinated steak and yummy swiss chard I had picked up from the farm market on the way back from the doctor. 

Hopefully I'll be able to go to the block party tomorrow, it sounds like a good time!

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