Monday, June 29, 2009

trout meuniere

Skills 2 is winding towards its end, and we are all excited about our summer break for a few weeks. Over the weekend we got our schedules for Skills 3. Up until now we have been making 2 plates during class, but starting in skills 3, the kitchen is open to students/faculty to come and swipe for lunch, so its actual production. Our class will be broken up into a set of students who are upstairs and a set who are in the kitchens downstairs. A few friends of mine and I got the upstairs kitchen, which means more foot traffic and a higher amount of plates being sent out. This will help us with speed but is also a bit nerve wracking.

Our chef also told us about the Chef we'd have for skills 3, whos "precise, stern, very detail oriented..." 

Here is my tray for the morning:

One of the items on our plate was tourneed root vegetables. As I've said before, tourne is a seven sided football shape cut done on a vegetable (one of the harder cuts.) Doing this cut on a root vegetable proved even harder since the flesh of these vegetables are naturally more dense and harder to cut through. After tourne-ing 10 of them, I started to get a blister on my index finger (imagine cutting a beet into 7 sides.)

We also practiced julienne and medium dice

Here is Chef's demo plate:

We used trout as the entree, so we fileted and skinned our own fish each:

Here are my filets without skin:

Brussel sprouts and pearl onions with lardons (thick cut bacon) (gross):

Pan frying the trout:

And my completed dish (I forgot to say we also made wild rice pilaf for our plates)

I wasnt into eating that fried fish and rice, so I made a salad when I got home with some "sassy baby blend" lettuce with a red wine vinaigrette, and some of the roast chicken from last night.

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