Thursday, June 18, 2009


We went through dozens and dozens of eggs today. To present, we had to make poached eggs with hollandaise, over hard eggs, over easy eggs, and a 3 egg omelet. It all seems easy to the home cook, but trying to get 9 eggs onto one plate cooked in 5 different ways all hot at the same time presents some problems. I was glad I have the flipping part down, so I just had to focus on timing everything at the same time. Since it was a rush to the finish (everything happening in about 5 minutes total), I thought I took a picture of my final plate, yet it didn't come up when checking my camera later. They looked fairly close to Chef's demo, though they were all on one plate.

I also made a chorizo, black bean and pepper side dish for our family meal today. Here is the mise en place for it:

This box of eggs was full at the start of the day. We only had about 2 flats left over.

Chef demonstrating how to make omelets, it took him 45 seconds to make his:

My poached eggs in their ice bath while I finished off all my other egg dishes:

These are chef's demo plates (which we had to duplicate). This is the poached eggs with hollandaise and eggs over hard:

3 egg omelet and over easy eggs (no color on these at all):

As a class, each group of students made a dish, here they all are:

Huevos Rancheros:

And deviled eggs:

And eggs benedict:

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