Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day

There are guest speakers and Chefs here that remind us what a great opportunity we all have to be at the best culinary school in the world. My parents are the two people I could never thank enough for being able to fulfill my dream and come here, and today is dedicated to fathers. My brother in law says that my sisters, dad, and I write cards like hallmark, but its really impossible to say in words what my dad has meant to me, and everyone who has met him, and I'm not sure if he ever realizes it. 

I truly look to my dad as someone I admire as my hero. I could never even aspire to be like him, but continually try to better myself in that direction as well as surround myself with people who have his qualities. From the stories he tells me about jumping off roofs with his cousin as a child to his quest to make my mom, sisters, and I completely happy, I can safely say God doesn't make 'em like that anymore. He used to tell us that he wanted to be known as Mahsa's dad or to be recognized as having my sisters and I as daughters but every time I meet someone who knows my dad, they know him for him. I see the nod, the smiles, the air of comfort and thankfulness that comes across their faces when they talk about him. They go on and on about his generosity, strength, and courage, and everyday I strive to even be an ounce of the person he is. In every aspect of his life he sets good examples for my sisters and I, and I'm sad that I can't be with him today to try to show him how blessed I am for having a dad like him.

I actually tried to think about the perfect gift to get my dad, though after years of birthdays and holidays, I've deemed that impossible. I take after him, it's not about the material gifts or anything that can be purchased, its the time spent with someone that makes me happy. Talk about someone who is hard to shop for. It's because nothing is quite worthy of him. It's the same way with my mom. Maybe they think its my aversion to shopping that doesn't allow for me to get them shiny presents on mothers or fathers day, but it's not. Its simply the fact that nothing is good enough for them. How do you give a gift that expresses thanks for devoting their entire life to making ours possible? To working 13 hour days, 6 days a week and still being a coach, mentor, advisor to me when I need it. To being the voice of reason when it is so often needed, with the added compassion and warmth that he is known for. Someone so tolerant in an intolerant world that gave us the room to grow into the women we are today. And I just hope one day I become the daughter he is recognized by.

Happy Father's Day Daddy, I love you.

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