Tuesday, June 2, 2009

butter tastes better

The legend of Mahsa mashti potato lives on. When I was younger and we would travel to Iran, I'd be in charge of mashed potatoes, as well as the tomato omelet (with plenty of saffron.) Thereafter I became one in the same as Mahsa mashti potato and my uncle has yet to see me once without a request for it. 

Today in class (as you have guessed) we made mashed potatoes, as well as potato leek soup (known as vichyssoise when served cold.) I was on stock duty again today which means we were in charge of making chicken stock with 200 pounds of bones, 25 pounds of mirepoix (onions, celery, and carrots,) and gallons and gallons of water. Things went smoothly today. We started out with a knife skills tray:

And went on to make potato leek soup (did you know items that are served cold require more salt, that is because you don't have aromas coming off the items. because of this, your olfactory senses don't work with your taste buds to give you a complete tasting experience so you need to salt items more heavily):

And mashed potatoes (I forgot to take a picture of the presentation plate so I just took this one quickly during clean up):

Chef liked both of my dishes and said the flavors were very good and perfectly seasoned (which is hard to do since all chefs like different saltiness amounts.)

My lunch (seafood udon noodles from the Asian kitchen):

And Simone's dessert, champagne jello... only at culinary school

Stopped in for banquets tonight and met some new people, it's always fun being seated for a 4 course meal with total strangers. I can't believe it's only Tuesday, I've had a productive week so far. Back to training for my walk tomorrow..

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