Wednesday, June 17, 2009

va bene

Class today made me miss Italy a ton. We did fresh pastas and each team made a different sauce, Emily and I made bolognese. It's made up of three types of ground meat cooked with mirepoix and some tomato paste & puree, with some brown veal stock added. I made tomato pasta, regular pasta, and used some of my friends spinach pasta to make Iran flag ribbons :-D

Spinach Pasta:

Rolling it out:

Filling ravioli:

He also put some parsley in between pasta and rolled it out:

Eggs and fine ground semolina are all you need for fresh pasta:

This is my tomato pasta, just simply add 1.5oz of tomato paste into the dough:

Meanwhile our bolognese mise en place:

Then as it simmered away:

After the dough rested, we rolled it out on hand operated pasta makers:

I combined 3 types of pasta and cut ribbons out as the flag of Iran:

I also made tortellini:

On the left are the baby bow ties I made and on the right are the orchiette, "little ears":

There is also my pappardelle, wide pasta noodles added to all the types I made:

Here are all my pastas cooked and ready for presenting to the chef:

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