Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"dont let mahsa do anything"

Yesterday, I had to do something I never wanted to, and missed a day of class because my back hurt so much I could barely get dressed in the morning.

Today it hurt pretty much the same, I barely slept last night but I knew I had to tough it out in class. Standing for six hours straight didn't help though. 

We made braised beef ribs, roasted root vegetables, and hard polenta. Polenta is originally an Italian grain that is cornmeal cooked with stock, similar to our grits in the south, though those are made with hominy and not cornmeal.

Chef said everything I presented was perfect but that my sauce was too "intense."-- He must not know me well enough...

Here is Chef searing all the ribs for us:
And flattening his polenta before cooling:

Chef's completed plate:

First we started by caramelizing mirepoix (carrots, onion, celery), then making a pincage, which means caramelizing the tomato paste with the mirepoix.

Then we add the short ribs and espagnole sauce (which is one of the mother sauces made with brown veal stock, mirepoix and thickened with a roux):

While the beef ribs are in the oven (for two hours), we made polenta. Here is Emily streaming the cornmeal into the stock:

After its cooked, we added some herbs and  parmigiana reggiano cheese and cooled it on a tray. After cooling, we cut it into triangles and shallow fried them in a saute pan:

Here is my completed plate (pretty good for being in so much pain, I'd say):

"fork tender" meat

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